Upholstery Cleaning

With the presentation of COVID-19 we have received an increased number of requests in relation to the disinfection of the upholstery on our tables.

The list of cleaners have been tested and scored by the manufacturer and are approved for use.

The disinfecting cleaners (Challenger | Naugahyde | Whisper | Leather | Finesse) are relatively more harsh than the standard recommendation of soap and water, so please understand that excessive use of these cleaners can potentially lead to the early deterioration of your upholstery.

At this time we do believe it is a necessary precaution to ensure safety of your patients and staff, however with the increased use of abrasive cleaner you may be required to replace your upholstery prematurely.

We are currently manufacturing plastic protective covers for tables – please contact our upholstery department for pricing.



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